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Should we add Vendor Pages for IOP's and Vendors which would give details about them and show their inventory?

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Started: 17.10.17

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Should we add Vendor Pages for IOP's and Vendors which would give details about them and show their inventory?



Welcome to Freedom IOP List
Freedom IOP List Logo
Freedom IOP List is a different breed of IOP List site. Instead of being just a forum, we are a full community website! Being that we are a full community website, we give you the oppportunity to meet, exchange and share! We offer many features including a forum of course with a vast array of categories, a verified IOP List, Premium Memberships, Photo Gallery, Articles, News, Downloads, Private Messaging, a store where you can sell items (NOT PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS) and so much more for your convenience.

Generally, it is our policy for a vendor to be registered here before their site can be listed here, so if you're a vendor, please register. We do make some exceptions for exceptional well known vendors but it is not often. When you register, please send a PM to Freedom (click my username to compose PM) and let me know you are a vendor. In that PM include the following: the name of your business, the URL to your site (if you have one) or email if you do your busines via email or number or messenger information if you do business over messenger or text/phone, a logo for your business (please let me know if you do not have a logo). We need all of that information to create a thread in the vendor's forum for you and the faster you send the information the faster we can get started.

From time to time, Freedom IOP List staff will select one single vendor and place an order with them discreetly just to test their delivery, delivery speed, product quality and rate them overall. What this means for our members is that we take the chance on putting our money on the line so you don't have to wonder whether a vendor is legit or not. If the vendor delivers and the product is of quality and what was ordered, we will then move that vendor to Verified Vendors. If the vendor does not deliver, we will make every effort possible to resolve the issue or arrange for a refund from the vendor and if it is not resolved, the vendor will then be BLACKLISTED. Vendors delivering products that are not quality or as described are blacklisted as well. We will not tolerate vendors not delivering and providing fake products to our members, period. We will attempt to verify at least one vendor each month.

Something else we do from time to time is place orders with vendors and then send a couple of the tablets over to and have them tested to ensure they are pure form and are the substance the vendor has claimed they are. If there are any discrepancies with the vendor about what the tablets are, we will have verified lab test results to prove that the vendor is providing either a legit or fake or cut product. We want our members to be totally safe when ordering from a vendor from us and we take all measures possible to attempt to ensure the safety of our members. That was the mission of this site when it was opened and that will remain the ultimate mission, providing safe IOP's and vendors to the site members. If the quality or ingredients of a medication is questionable that you have received from a vendor listed here or elsewhere, PLEASE, let us know immediately and we will arrange for testing of the product.

If that has not impressed you yet, maybe you will be excited to know that we are not as harsh and as hateful as some other IOP List sites! We value each and every one of our members. We aren't going to complain if your font is a little too small or a little too large or a color we don't like. Each person has their own style and we want you to use your style here. If we didn't like color and differences in fonts, we'd disable that feature all together. We are like a giant extended family here. We treat each other with respect and look out for each other. We will never ever single out one member to pick on about everything. Our rules are easy to follow and straight forward. If you want to tell the WORLD you ordered REMERON online, that is YOUR BUSINESS.

We are open to registration both regular members and vendors. If you are searching for a new vendor or you are a vendor looking to expand your customer base, this is the place to be. We have both free and premium membership statuses for members and vendors alike. All membership levels grant access to a nice list of vendors. The vendors with the better and harder to find products are of course going to be available to the premium members but we will always ensure there is an ample amount of vendors available to free members as well. We have certain rules in place to protect both our members and vendors that you must agree to upon registration. A staff member will need to approve all registrations before you will have access to the website and this is typically done within 24 hours of registration. You may even receive an email before your registration is approved so pay attention. Upon approval, we will dispatch both an email and a PM here on the site to let you know your membership was approved. If your membership is denied, we will let you know why. After approval, you can start adding content including articles, news, photos and contribute on the forum and shoutbox plus lots more. YOU MUST REGISTER TO SEE THE FORUMS.

Do you have a site of your own of any type? Check out the links below by clicking on the image. By visiting these sites, we also get credited for your visit and registration. We can earn things like free advertising and more. If you join these networks, you can earn also. If you review our site on either of these networks, we will also review yours. Whether you wish to join the networks or not, please, click the button and visit so we receive credit for the visit. Every click and registration helps the site out!

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· 08-02-2018 07:10
You will be seeing some new features hitting the site in the next couple weeks!

· 05-01-2018 01:27
We can now accept donations via Stripe. Scroll down the page and look for the Green Donate Button. You can donate any amount from $1 up. We desperately need donations guys and gals!

· 04-01-2018 23:29
2018 is here and lots of new features and content is coming to Freedom IOP List! Major changes are coming to the site in Jan. & Feb.

· 04-01-2018 07:49
Welcome all new members. Please introduce yourselves!

· 18-10-2017 09:47
The more sites you post our link on and the more people that participate the more visitors we get which means more IOP's and more CUSTOMERS too! It will only take a couple seconds of your time too